“Have you separated from your partner? Are you thinking about starting a family law court case to resolve your legal issues? Or, has your partner started a family law court case against you? Steps in a family Law Case can help you understand and work through the family law court process in Ontario.”

Please visit the site in the link above to follow along with a set of 3 interactive flowcharts: Before you start flowchart, Applicant flowchart and Respondent flowchart.  They are considered only a guide and give basic information for a typical family law case.  Each box on the flowchart can be clicked for more information about what happens in that step.  Please note:

“These flowcharts apply only to cases dealing with child custody and access, child support, spousal support and dividing property.  They do not show the court process if you only want a divorce, or for family law issues like adoption and child protection.”

Source: CLEO