Clients often ask what they should wear when attending court. We usually advise that you should dress conservatively, and wear clothes that would be appropriate at other important events such as church, a wedding or funeral. The Judges are human and they do look at you in the courtroom. A good first impression never hurts and your appearance in court helps your presentation. Do not wear shorts, track pants, tank tops and such. Always remove sunglasses, hats, jackets and coats before you go into the courtroom. Make sure you turn your cell phone off before going into the courtroom and get rid of any gum as well.

When in the courtroom, stand up when the judge enters the courtroom and when you are speaking to him or her. Otherwise, be seated and listen carefully. Your lawyer will speak on your behalf. If you are asked to speak, stand and speak directly to the judge. When your proceeding is done, walk with your lawyer out of the courtroom. Lawyers will bow to the judge as they exit, but you are not required to do so. Once outside of the courtroom, please keep your voice low and move towards one of the interview rooms so that you and your lawyer can discuss what happened, and what the next steps will be.

It is all about respect, for the judge, for the court and the process. A polite and ready litigant, has a better chance of success if these simple rules are followed.