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Adams and Leduc - Niagara Family Law

Niagara Family Law

Our Lawyers can assist you with all Family Law matters such as separation agreements, Divorces, Adoption, Cohabitation Agreements, Marriage Contracts, Family Responsability Office (FRO) actions, Guardianship issues, Child Protection matters and all court proceedings at all court levels in the Niagara Region including Welland Ontario Court of Justice and Welland Superior Court of Justice and the St. Catharines Unified Family Court
Adams and Leduc - Wills and Estates

Niagara Wills and Estates

Our Lawyers can assist you with Wills, Codicils, Power of Attorneys for property and personal care and provide you with a comprehensive estate plan incorporating your various assets, RRSP’s, RIF’s, life insurance policies, annuities and other assets in the Niagara Region or elsewhere.
 Adams and Leduc - Real Estate

Niagara Real Estate

Our Lawyers can assist you with the purchase and sale of your personal residence or income properties including condominiums, and assist you with respect to mortgages, lines of credit, and debt consolidation loans in Niagara Falls, St. Catharines, Welland, Fort Erie, Fonthill, Port Colborne, Wainfleet, Thorold, surrounding areas and real estate throughout the Province of Ontario.
 Adams and Leduc - Criminal Law

Niagara Criminal Law

Our Lawyers can provide you with representation at all court levels and assist with your defence of charges under the Criminal Code including DUI and over 80 charges, Narcotics Control Act such as possession and trafficking, Highway Traffic Act such as careless or dangerous driving, and other charges under Provincial or Federal Legislation. We can protect your rights under the Charter of Human Rights and Freedoms.
Adams and Leduc - Niagara Civil Litigation

Niagara Civil Litigation

Our Lawyers can assist you with Motor Vehicle Accident, Negligence Claims Slip & Falls and other matters requiring requiring advocacy at or outside of court for injuries, damages and losses occurring in the Niagara Region, the Province of Ontario and elsewhere.
Adams and Leduc - Niagara Debt Collection

Niagara Debt Collection

Our Lawyers can assist you with debt claims of all amounts, including court proceedings, demand, letters, garnishment and Judgment Debtor proceedings St. Catharines, Welland, Niagara Falls, Port Colborne, Thorold, Fonthill, Fort Erie, Wainfleet and surrounding areas.
Adams and Leduc - Niagara Miscellaneous

Niagara Miscellaneous

Our Lawyers are a full service law firm, and we are here to counsel you with respect to the various issues that may arise in your lifetime. Let our lawyers protect your rights and advocate for you here in the Niagara Region and surrounding areas.

Niagara Region Family Lawyers

Our Niagara Family Lawyers have proudly served our clients in the Niagara Region for more than 35 years, including St. Catharines, Niagara Falls, Welland, Fonthill, Port Colborne, Thorold, Fort Erie, Wainfleet and surrounding areas, covering such matters as Family Law, Real Estate, Mortgages, Wills & Estates, Criminal Law, Highway Traffic Act Court matters, debt collection and many other services.

Proudly Serving the Niagara Region for More than 35 Years

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